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Compassionate Veterinary Care Chicago
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At Home Veterinary Care

"I felt very confident when your home nurse took care of my sick 16 year old cat, L.C., knowing she would be able to give her fluids and the other medications she needed on a daily basis. I knew that if anything happened she would know what to do, and that was such a relief. Your staff is reliable, kind and makes me feel at ease when taking care of my animals." Laura K.

Compassionate Veterinary Hospice offers care for sick, elderly and special needs pets in the familiar environment of their home. Our qualified pet nursing providers work closely with you and Dr. Shanan to keep your pet comfortable in the final stage of his or her life.  We are there for you and your pet, to provide medical care, support, a warm blanket or a favorite toy.  Your pet’s comfort is our top priority. 

Nursing Care

Our experienced team members will assess your pet’s health needs and discuss the options with you. Together we will determine how to help you keep your pet comfortable. We offer a wide variety of  services, state of the art technology, information from the most trusted sources, and compassionate emotional support for you and your family.   We will  help you set up your home for hospice care,  suggest equipment, accessories and products, and help you and your family create the right experience for you and your pet.

Our pet home nursing care team members are:

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