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The Online Pet Memorial is dedicated to our furry friends that have given us their unconditional love and devotion, where beloved pets are honored and remembered. We invite you to pay tribute to your beloved companion by sharing with us your special story, a photo, shared memories or a farewell letter.

We thank you for sharing their story with us.

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Compassionate Veterinary Hospice
i miss you so much zel
Compassionate Veterinary Hospice
We adored you and miss you so much!
Compassionate Veterinary Hospice
I wish I could hold him.
Compassionate Veterinary Hospice
a Cowdog of the first class...made town and country his domain. And made us laugh every day we shared with him.
Compassionate Veterinary Hospice
Sweet and loving April will always be in my heart
Compassionate Veterinary Hospice
Compassionate Veterinary Hospice
Dusty was born on February 25, 2006 at the apartment I shared with my college roommates in Rochester, NY. Her mom was a barn cat we adopted from a farm to help with a mouse problem. The once skinny cat started getting very fat and turned out to have some extra guests waiting to be born. There were five kittens born, under a writing desk in the hallway, and we were a happy, cat-filled household f
Compassionate Veterinary Hospice
Our Beloved Cooper2013-05-30
Compassionate Veterinary Hospice
My Girl2013-05-30
Compassionate Veterinary Hospice
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