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Compassionate Veterinary Hospice Offers Guidance When Facing Difficult Decisions

FAQ about Facing Dificult Decisions

Fulfilling pet parents´ need for end of life services and support when their cherished companions approach the end of life is Dr. Shanan’s life´s mission. Dr. Shanan emphasizes that making end of life decisions is more about how the pet will die rather than if or when.  He offers answers to questions like: How can I tell when is the "right" time for euthanasia? How can I tell what my pet´s quality of life is? Is making the decision "too early" or "too late" selfish?

Dr. Shanan and his staff address pet parents’ concerns and empower them to make decisions based on their values and beliefs. The family and veterinarian´s respective roles in making the decision are also discussed.

Dr. Shanan is nationally recognized for his leadership in developing services to guide and support pet parents struggling with their pet’s decline and loss.  His unique and highly regarded expertise is available by referral from other veterinarians or simply by calling our office.

Life and Death Decisions

Family members and caregivers of seriously ill animals are burdened with the power to make life and death decisions for their loved one. The death or loss of a pet can be one of the most difficult things we ever experience. The end of the pet´s physical presence is a drastic, often devastating, change. Grief, commonly experienced before, during and after the loss of a pet, is often accompanied by a sense of loss of control over the course of events, lack of desirable choices, and powerlessness.

Choosing between ever intensifying medical treatment, hospice care or euthanasia entails grappling with the question: "What would I want my pet´s death to be like?" Confronting this question can be overwhelming, evoking fear, anxiety, guilt, and other strong feelings. It is easier to cope with making an end of life decision by dividing it into several more concrete questions. Such questions to consider can be:

Pet parents should thoroughly explore all the options and their consequences - ethical, medical, emotional and financial. Once the answers to each question have been sorted out, they will have a greater sense of control of the new reality. Scheduling a hospice consultation with Dr. Shanan will help the pet’s parents consider the many choices they have and alleviate some of the emotional torment they struggle with.

FAQ about Facing Difficult Decisions

Is my pet suffering?
We discuss what quality of life means for your pet and guide you as you monitor her quality of life. We assess your pet frequently and treat symptoms to achieve comfort and joy.

How will I know what to do?
We provide all the facts you need to recognize symptoms, anticipate progression of disease,  develop realistic expectations, and be the expert when it comes to your pet.  We guide you in  making the best decisions for you and your pet.

Will I have to play God?
Making end of life decisions for a loved one is a burden and a privilege. We have the experience and expertise to coach you to trust yourself and help you make difficult decisions as a family.

How am I going to get through this?
When facing a significant loss, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, sad, unsure, to second-guess yourself, and even to feel helpless at times. You are not alone with your struggle.  We are available 24/7 to provide end of life consultations, in home services, medical care and grief support. We understand, we care, and we will accompany you in your journey.

Is there life for me after my loved pet dies?
We help you prepare for your grief journey. When you need a supporting hand and a listening ear, we will be there. We provide a safe sounding board for your concerns and refer you to expert counseling help when needed.

How can I honor and preserve the memories?
Together we will find the most appropriate and meaningful way to honor the love and life you have shared, take care of the physical remains and  preserve  your pet´s life story.

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