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Our “light a candle” page is for you to light a candle, send a rose, or send love, at any time, in loving memory of a special pet.  These memorials are forever dedicated to our furry friends that have given us their unconditional love and devotion.

We thank you memorializing a special pet.


For: Shadow
From: Mom and Jackie
For: Capone
From: Nikol
For: Buddy
From: Kathy, Gerry & Brian
For: Jewel
From: Janet and Lee
For: Mattie
From: Gretel, Martia, and Pigg
For: Sadie
From: Her mommy
For: pet name
From: your name
For: Bennamin
From: Jen & Kent
For: Pumpkin
From: Howard, JoEllen, Andrea
For: Max
From: Sam, Al, Nikki & Sammi
For: Max
From: Sam, Alison, Nikki and S
For: Matthew
From: Gordy, Bob & Sandy
For: כתם
From: רויטל
For: Raven
From: Your loving owner Autumn
For: Shaman
From: Her Mom

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