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Compassionate Veterinary Hospice is one of the first of its kind worldwide

Unmatched Expertise - Our Multidisciplinary Team

It takes a team of experts to address the broad array of needs of seriously ill pets and their families.

Nearly every significant accomplishment of hospice and palliative care is a result of cooperation, positive energy and learning from a real team effort.  It is through teamwork that hospice can best advance its care and services. The hospice multidisciplinary team strives for enhanced communication, clarity of roles and responsibilities, positive energy, productivity and caring relationships.

Compassionate Veterinary Hospice offers a family-centered approach that provides medical and nursing care for the pet and support for the family. Our team includes:

The team works together focusing on the seriously ill pet’s needs; physical, emotional, and social. The goal is to help keep the animal as pain-free as possible, with loved ones nearby until death. The hospice team develops an individualized care plan that meets the pet's needs for comfort and pain management, and offers the family resources for coping with a stressful reality.

You can choose to have your family vet remain involved in your pet’s medical care. Your family vet and the hospice medical director can work together to coordinate your pet's medical care. A veterinarian's involvement is crucial to ensure quality hospice care.

In many cases, family members or loved ones are the pet's primary care givers, taking upon themselves new responsibilities. Hospice recognizes primary care givers’ special needs for support.  As a relationship with the hospice begins, hospice staff will want to know how best to support you and your family during this time.

Among its major responsibilities, the multidisciplinary hospice team:

Our Multidisciplinary Team Philosophy:

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