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Welcome to Compassionate Veterinary Hospice!

When your furry companion is suffering and her or his life is threatened by illness or debility, you need a veterinary care team that is not only competent and caring for your pet, but one that understands your specific needs as a primary care giver and a concerned family member facing loss.

We at Compassionate Veterinary Hospice in Chicago have assembled a team of veterinary professionals to bring you and your pet the most compassionate, personalized health care. You will benefit from our cutting edge expertise in managing chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms, backed by decades of experience supporting families struggling to do what is best for a seriously ill or special needs pet.

Your progressive family vet will recognize when your pet’s and your family’s needs are complex, and won’t hesitate to refer you to the end of life experts at Compassionate Veterinary Hospice. If you would like to continue to benefit from the trusting relationship you have with your vet, she or he will be happy in most cases to remain involved in your pet’s medical care. Dr. Shanan, Compassionate Veterinary Hospice Medical Director, can work with your vet to coordinate your pet's medical care.

When you call 773-244-1045 during business hours, our Care Coordinators will help you determine what service is most appropriate for you and for your pet’s specific needs.

Our team is available by calling 773-244-1045 around the clock for all end of life needs. If you need immediate advice or assistance in life-or-death matters after hours, you will get our recording that will provide further directions how to contact our on-call staff.

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