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Compassionate Veterinary Hospice's Caring Staff

Compassionate Veterinary Hospice-Staff-Liat Liat Shanan

Since early in life, my passions have been creative art and offering my compassion to those in need. I have been fortunate to experience life in different countries, and I appreciate and enjoy diverse cultures, traditions and beliefs.

I have had the privilege to follow and support Dr. Shanan’s dedication to the needs of animals at the end of life and their loving human families from the beginning. As Compassionate Veterinary Care’s practice manager, I see proof every day that our patients are nothing less than family members, and to some of our clients, they are their furry children.

Formerly an active artist in the visual arts, cultural educator, community builder and event planner, I joined Compassionate Veterinary Care in 2009. I’m excited to help Dr Shanan develop his life mission creating a veterinary hospice program. I look forward to contributing my skills and experience to supporting pet parents as they prepare for loss, during their grief journey, and as they search for a meaningful way to celebrate and memorialize their beloved pets.

Compassionate Veterinary Hospice-Staff-Laurie Laurie Norris, LCSW

A lifelong contemplator of the deeper aspects of human experience, I have been working with individuals and families as they face loss and navigate change since 2004. It's a privilege and a gift to serve as a guide for those who are going through this universal, yet uniquely individual process. I passionately believe that we all have inner resources to support our healing journey and transfrom our loss. This can be a profound and life changing experience.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a variety of previous roles in the fields of Human Hospice and Developmental Disabilities. Introduced to Dr. Shanan in July 2016 during the final phase of my beloved dog Oliver's life, I knew immediately that I wanted to partner with him and his clients. I'm honored to be creating resources, developing groups, and offering counselling to support those who are either preparing for or have experienced the death of a much- loved pet.

My educational background includes a Masters in Social Work from Wayne State University in Detroit. I've completed a 200- hour Yoga Teacher Training, and am currently working toward becoming a Board Certified Life Coach. I am a Mother to three adult children, grew up on James Herriott, and live in Oak Park with my husband, a daughter and dog Lily.

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